Types of Technical Tools That You Must Buy at Screwfix

Published: Friday, 26th April, 2019
Written by: Mike Dodd
Types of Technical Tools That You Must Buy at Screwfix

Screwfix is one of the leading places for home improvement. There are several tools (tools) that you must have at home. These tools will be very helpful in doing simple carpentry work or repairing some parts of a damaged house.

Do you want to know what technical tools should be at home?

The following 10 tools are carpentry.

1. Plier
There are 3 kinds of pliers that we often encounter with different functions, as in the picture on the side. We recommend that you at least have a tang like on a ganmbang because it can represent the function of the two pliers on the left. For example, it can be used to cut wire, pull out nails, and so on.

2. Screwdriver (multifunctional)
Previously, maybe we only knew screwdrivers (+) and (-), but now there are so many types of screws that it is advisable to provide a screwdriver that also has various kinds of heads as shown above.

3. Hammers
There are 2 types of hammers that we usually encounter as in the picture above, we recommend that you have one of them. To hammer in the second picture will be more useful because it can be used to pull out nails.

4. Saws
There are various types of saws with different designations, but we advise you to have one of the most dominant ones we use, such as saws or hacksaws.

5. Keys (English)

Although the two wrench models above are different but have the same function. These wrenches can be adjusted to open nuts of various sizes. Especially for the second model it is more often used to open a pipe.

6. Axe
Axes are commonly used for everyday purposes such as cutting wood or peeling coconut. Ax functions can be replaced with machetes, machetes, or other large cutting tools.

7. Drill
The drill tool will greatly help you in assembling furniture, punching holes in the wall, and attaching/removing screws quickly and minimizing cracks around the window. This tool also has several eyes with various models and sizes.

8. Chisel

Chisel can be used to provide variations on the surface of the furniture, deal with damaged surfaces, or even dismantle the surface of walls or furniture.

9. Shovel

Folding shovels like the picture above really help us do the work of the house garden, can be used as a hoe, and easy to carry.

10. Brush
We generally use brushes to paint. But we also recommend specializing 1 brush in your carpentry equipment box as a cleaning tool that can clean up to the smallest gap.

When we choose to buy these tools it is advisable to pay attention to the size, function, and strong grip for your technical tools. If you worry about the price, don't worry because there are a lot of vouchers for Screwfix!

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