We give 100% of our net profits to charity

100% to charity


The philosophy

I started VoucherVault.co.uk as a website with one simple plan, to make £1,000,000 for charity. I have a 10-year business plan with this as the primary goal, and to date, we are on target to achieve this figure. After years of charitable activity (including running the London Marathon in a suit of chainmail), I was able to reflect on the huge pressures people can feel to raise money for causes that they feel passionate about.

The Website

I designed & developed this site in 2017 using the latest technologies and the Power of Drupal 8 to be a Voucher Code website with a difference. Everyone has a charity that they feel passionate about for one reason or another and they always wish they could do more for them but that this is not always possible.

Our Solution

Our solution is simple, select your charity from our vast database of UK charities (and if yours is not present simply request your charity to be added here) and then click on one of our great offers or voucher codes. This opens up an affiliate link to their store and then for every qualifying purchases you then make at that company we will receive an amount of commission for.

What is a qualifying purchase?

A Qualifying purchase will vary from company to company. Usually, it is any purchase on that website, but it can be restricted to a range of products, or only the first product, only x number of products a day etc. To this end its quite hard to determine exactly what you need to do help raise money for your charity. Qualify purchases are only usually confirmed after 90 days in case there was a problem with your order or you returned the item etc.

100% of net profits to charity are you serious?

Yes, I am, The primary reason for setting this up was to try to help raise funds for Debra a charity that is very close to my heart. However, lots of people charities that they feel just as passionate about, be them large or small and so this gives people the opportunity to raise money for their causes whilst online shopping. 

How are payments calculated?

Payments are made once a year in December. At this point in time, we calculate the amount of commission generated per charity and our Net profit and make a payment to each charity that has generated commission.

Does it cost me anything?

Not a single penny. All of our revenue comes from the stores and websites where you make your purchases from. The affiliate links to those stores generate us a small amount of revenue for referring you to them as a customer. In fact the more money you spend in these stores the more money you will generate for your chosen charity.

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